Future of Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting in 2017

Quickbooks is easily regarded as the best accounting software today. Reasons for that include its ability to serve the demanding needs of client’s business and rolling out updates at regular intervals. Each year Quickbooks is investing in aggressive improvements in all its editions including the Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting. Now as 2016 is on the horizon , we look forward to expect even more powerful features in Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting in 2017. In this article we look forward to discuss the various improvements that quickbooks are planning to incorporate in all its 2017 editions.
In the year 2015, Quickbooks integrated a feature which disallowed the continuation of sales to customer with overdue payment. In 2017 this features is going to much more refined in Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting than in the previous versions.

Also there is significant improvement in Multi user work flow in Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting 2017. The admin can set the timer for the other logged in users to save their work and then log out of the system. Also the chat feature allows the users to let the admin know any important news or equivalent like requesting to delay the log off time , so as to save some important work.
Significant Enhancements will also be seen in Schedule Reports in Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting. The memorized reports can easily be grouped into a separate category which allows ease in viewing of transaction details like profit and loss.

Next is Search options. In the upcoming Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting, quickbooks has fixed the search functionality especially when a client has big item list, account list or customer list. The search functionality allows search using the second or later words in the whole search keyword. Now this is something, which was lacking in the previous versions and Quickbooks has certainly improved this option significantly.

There is also a minor feature added which let a client know about funds which are deposited but not yet made its way to the bank account. This works like a reminder. Before this, there was really no way that a user would know about the un deposited funds in the previous versions of Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting.
There is also an option for cleared flag on credit card charges. There are definitely huge changes in the upcoming version of Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting, while at the same time Intuit has done remarkable job in maintaining the ease and simplicity of Quickbooks just like its previous versions.