Finding the best accounting software for your small business

There exists a plethora of ERP software for all sorts of accounting work and each year the number is increasing. Each software provides its own unique advantages and tries to handle its limitations. But how do you predict the accounting software that will serve as beneficial to your business? Here in this content , we are going to list out a few parameters that one should place importance before deciding to invest in an accounting software.

1.Do you really need an accounting software?:- If you are living in this age of extreme , high end competition , the answer to the above question should be an obvious YES. You do need an accounting software simply because it allows the user to be in charge of his financial operations rather than having the need to hire an employer with costly package. Accounting software eliminates the margin of error to a great extent. While there are several accounting software doing the rounds on the market these days, our preferred choice is Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting edition simply because , it is extremely less expensive and provides unique tools to handle all the difficult overviews of one’s financial constraint.

2.Ease of using: – Apart from software layout and its interface, there are certain functionalities which really are crucial if one uses an accounting software. One of them is Bookeeping. Quickbooks enterprise hosting edition really provides maximum level of ease and security for using the features like Bookkeeping. Besides that, the version of Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting allows easy billing of invoice to respective clients.

3.Pricing Plans:- Too many accounting softwares although offers cheap packages per user, they are often compromised with limited functionalities. This isn’t true with quickbooks Enterprise hosting. The pricing plans are very much affordable for startups with lot of functions and ease.

  1. Payment Processing: – With Quickbooks , payment processing is very easy from charging customers to reconciling banking payments. Manual work In such cases is rarely required with Quickbooks Enterprise hosting. Also Quickbooks offers ACH processing at every transaction for a miniscule price of almost 50 cents which is extremely beneficial.

5.Documentation and help:- Earlier version of Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting used to have not so user friendly search options. However now the search functionality has improved vastly and user can search for a specific help with utmost ease now. The upcoming version in 2017 has modified the search capabilities to a whole new level in Quickbooks Enterprise Hosting.

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